Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What home feels like

I'm in Cleveland! And the Morgan is really building a new bindery. It will even have wood floors!

Tom helped me beat fiber today but even then, we're only done with a little over two pounds. Cooking four pounds at a time, the second batch is roiling, and I have to cook another five tomorrow. Beating, whew!

Twigs from Morgan kozo.

All smells as it should.

Rinsed kozo outside. When I got here, I had the same feeling as when I would come home from college. I'll be crazy busy for the next week but I'm so happy to be Home.


  1. HAPPY, HAPPY! hi tom and susan and aimee! mmmmmm, kozo!

  2. That left me with a wide, wide, smile. Welcome home and hello to everyone! (I'm excited to see the bindery).


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