Monday, April 02, 2012

Overdid it

[Stefan did such a nice job photographing! As always.] The word for straining yourself in Korean is one I learned much later in my adult life. It wasn't part of my vocab growing up. But when I was doing my research in Korea, people kept using it and it took a while for me to finally figure out what they were saying.

I made it back home last night just after midnight, but in shreds. The D.C. workshop was a great success and I really enjoyed my students, meeting people I had only either heard of or been in email contact with for years (including a woman I helped in Korea who also studied with my hanji teacher; what a nice surprise visit!), spending time with a thoughtful and intelligent host who made the most amazing eggs for me each morning, and seeing an old friend from Korea. But I was unprepared for the full onslaught of hayfever season--D.C. is warmer than NY and there was all sorts of stuff flying about in the air and it was windy, so I felt feverish and delirious on both days. For the first time on Sunday, my body balked and I had to stop and rest on a loooong escalator (why is the D.C. subway system SO far underground? It feels like going into the center of the earth) while trying to catch the bus back. This was after I had gotten on the subway going in the wrong direction. Thankfully, the bus was delayed, so I didn't miss it, and the worst of the rain happened while enroute.

After seven straight hours of travel (my body also balked at the dragging of teaching materials around, which means it's probably time to find a proper trainer to learn how to manipulate weight without pulling my back out), I can't say today that I am anywhere close to normal. I tried to work this morning but could only run a few errands and do a few things before collapsing into a feverish heap while listening to NPR. I hope tomorrow will be better, after soup and acetaminophen. I also may have to seriously consider sleeping aids while teaching and traveling to force rest. Now I get why people stay in one place and teach close to home--what a luxury!

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  1. Ray Hoo for a great class! I saw a post on Facebook by one of your students, who absolutely loved rest and be well...


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