Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Eat and beat"

[Both of these are treats that Tom made and left for me from Morgan kozo.] Thus spake Velma this morning in an email. I knew I had a big day of beating fiber ahead of me, and it is over for now. Tom did a pound and then I asked Mason, their new wonderful papermaker, to help me with the rest. I did a lot of rinsing, too, and am going to see how rinsing after beating affects the paper. If I can even keep track.

There is a ton of prep left, but I have dinner plans with friends, and figured I can do a little tomorrow morning before driving west to Oberlin. It will be a miracle if I can even hold chopsticks tonight after all of that beating. The rest of the fiber, three pounds, I will leave for the students to beat in class.

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