Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Faking bed rest

Turns out I was in denial and likely what I am suffering from is a combo of bad allergies and a cold. Today I am practicing bed rest by being in a bed, propped up with pillows, catching up on computer work. I swear after lunch I will really lay down, all the way down, and rest. Or, I will lay in bed with a book instead of the computer (the book, btw, is AMAZING--Sukey Hughes' Washi: The World of Japanese Paper. I feel like a dunce every time I open it. It's like the book I always dreamed of making but why bother, since she did it so well. Thank goodness it exists in the world).

So, the updates: Alicia Bailey did a nice little write up of my books she has on consignment. Buy, and rest easy that the prices are no higher than what I would charge myself. I finally updated my website, though since my designer has gone AWOL, I haven't been able to fix a few weird "hello I am your website and I have decided to do what I like" quirks, like how it doesn't display thumbnails of the subsections (yet it seems to do that just fine on other mobile devices). These issues go into the big Bucket of Less Pressing Matters. This is one of my new wall pieces, which I named after the squirrels who ate my paper. The first three books here are new knitted ones. And the first three here are new non-knitted books. Oh, and the little cups are here.

Above is a shot of another lovely miniature book that Asao Shimura mailed to me, all about hanji and the fun things he can do with it. It's a revised version, and pretty great. He has asked me to carry them to my workshops to sell, so I'm hoping to spread the joy once I'm back on the road next week.


Velma Bolyard said...

all this when you're home sick? amazing!, and the big knitted book is so great! and i, too, get overwhelmed by hughes' book. sigh.

Lisa said...

Hi Aimee,

How much is Asao's book?


aimee said...

hi Lisa! I am waiting to hear from Asao about pricing and then I'll let you know--contact is slow since he doesn't have internet as easily as we do, living in such a remote area. I'll email you w/more info.