Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hair days

Gretchen was so kind as to send me some shots from my Pyramid Atlantic workshop a week and change ago. I saw it and thought, "I really need a haircut." Yesterday, on Terttu's birthday, she shot some photos for me so we could have an array of options for my book's author photo. My hair was bad then, too, but at least it was windy. So today I chopped off a bunch, though I'm unsure of if I made the right choice. I won't have any time to grow it out, though, before I am back on the road this week to teach.

These days I am doing boring but necessary things, like composing and sending permissions requests for my book. In more exciting news, my sister's film (the one whose world premiere we saw in Berlin) will be in competition at the Tribeca Film Festival this month! It opens next week.

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