Sunday, April 22, 2012

Aftermath of many good things

Whew. These past few days have been completely exhausting and fulfilling all at once, with an excellent Book in East Asia workshop for two days, and then my papermaking workshop for students today. I was so pleased to meet the people I met and learn SO MUCH. I completely overshot in terms of the papermaking class. In my unreasonable desire for students to do mostly all fun for three hours, I left myself with four hours of cleanup and now many more hours to dry their paper before delivering it in two days. There were at least 13 if not more people making paper, and I didn't think it would be so bad, but I had to cut more pellons during class and had already cut well over 100, so now I am slowly drying. I took a break to make a little hanji for myself, but want to get a bunch of drying prep done tonight so I can at least have most of tomorrow to make hanji and relax somewhat.

HA! I am joking. There is no time to relax. But as ridiculous as my self-inflicted workload is, I am still so happy to be working. The labor keeps me honest. Back to the dryer!

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