Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A step back to marvel

It's hard to see here, because I am not used to the camera on my phone and I don't like sticking it into my students' spaces too much, but Heather made the most amazing woven book cover this past weekend in class. She also hosted me, so generously, since I needed a pet-free place to stay, and took excellent care of me. Lots of tea and good things to eat, a beautiful garden to explore and contemplate, and so much artwork to admire in the home. I even got to look at the book she wrote years ago, both in the first edition and the Japanese edition. Lots of inspiration!

I had written to Frank after I got home last night to tell him about how impressed I was by the students, and he said that Bookworks students are all like that, which is why he so enjoys teaching there. I had no idea I was walking into such a hive of industriousness, though I did marvel at how clean and bright and neat the large studio and gallery spaces were, which indicates a community that really cares about taking good care of its shared space and equipment. There's lots of natural light, everything seems so tastefully considered, and the people who take classes clearly like each other a lot. It's a real community that has grown around the organization, which is a hard thing to do. But so satisfying when it really blossoms.

Tomorrow, off to another lovely community that loves books and paper in northeast Ohio! Younger, but just as vibrant. Ping-pong travel is hard, but at least I'm jumping from good people to good people.

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