Friday, November 22, 2013

What awaits

SO MUCH KOZO (and a little mulberry on top, can barely see in the glare).
And on the other side, the tiny dent we made in scraping even after many, many hands put in many hours during the harvest. I'm now in the mode of mobilizing our staff and creating a real work plan for this new studio/center. The task seems gargantuan, but we had a good meeting of the core group and it feels doable as long as we all share the weight.
This Monday, I came out of the bath in San Francisco with a terrible case of the hives on my back. I kept hoping they would go away, but I can't deny anymore that it's another bout of the allergic reaction I had 14 years ago. Very uncomfortable, especially in hot showers, and requires oatmeal baths. The biggest question is the food trigger. I have a feeling I know what it is, and hope that if I am careful with diet, it will fade (of course, I arrived to an office kitchen full of donuts, which I'm sure doesn't help with the histamine reaction).
After meeting upon meeting, I finally got a chance to marble paper with Tom. It was a necessary break from the non-art madness swirling around me (I signed a sublease yesterday, but am disappointed to find that the new apt is a smoking building. At least I know for sure I will be moving again in five months, but prospects always seem daunting). If I get my act together enough, I'll make a tiny bit more paper before Toronto!

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