Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Fire, water, wood, earth, air

Today Tom cleaned out and prepared the outdoor pit so that we could cook the hostas he harvested from his garden. I was very proud to have been able to start the fire. My first of the season!
They're still going right now, the fire strong even with rain coming down, and the hostas are boiling. But I need to find a better tool for turning these suckers, something long and strong enough.
I had to tell Tom to stop putting his hands in the water at first because I had already added the soda ash.
Then we started to cut down kozo! The Morgan tries to get a bunch cut and steamed even before the weekend harvest event, because there are so many stages to the work and so much to get done. Kirstin and Steph are great at this kind of work. I used knee pads after a while because I walked into my bed frame last night and messed up one of my knees.
I cleared the left side and they did the right. Still a LONG ways to go (at least twice as much area to clear as what is pictured), but great work for one of our last warmish days. I love smelling like smoke and pulling out the work gloves!


  1. THIS is why i wished i lived near cleveland! what a wonderful outdoor cooker, and all that kozo!

  2. We'll see you Saturday! Should I bring a chainsaw? :)

    1. ha! no need; there is OTHER work to be done aside from hacking. see you soon!


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