Saturday, November 30, 2013

Not so cold at all

Velma did the best recap of our time together, and I was sad to run off afterwards, though happy to visit Open Studio and spend some time with Pamela after having met her in Cleveland for a beautiful exhibit of hers last month. Thank goodness for the chocolate goodies I got to tide me through the rest of the day, which involved seeing the paper studio for pre-class assessment, and then a quick visit to the hanji store in the Korean neighborhood.
This morning, I felt like I finally got a good grip of the public transportation system, which is super low key, on the way to work. The studio was lovely in the morning light.

A great group of very nice students! We whizzed through a ton of material and I was especially amazed that Greta brought everyone banana chocolate chip muffins. Emily posted a few pics via the Paperhouse site.

They are located in an old school, and I didn't notice it as much in the beginning, but it's a really lovely rehab of the building. Emily and I had a drink and munchies afterwards, which made me realize how much less stressful eating out is now that I am temporarily vegetarian. It's actually something of a joy. Just one more day and then the 2013 book tour is over! And given the fact that we only have about 30 books left in stock, I think I've done a good job. Get your first edition while you can!

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Velma Bolyard said...

so GLAD we had some good AND fun time together. i wish it could have been more…beautiful studio space…