Wednesday, November 20, 2013

At the end of the day

I arrived at the Asian Art Museum early, not knowing I was supposed to come through the side entrance. But it was fun anyhow watching the free day sign go up right before opening.
Sunday was a zoo! The museum hosted over 3,000 visitors, and I have never had such large crowds so eager to learn about hanji. I gave my slide lecture twice in four hours, did a demo that was then taught by volunteers over the entire afternoon to visitors, and entertained an insane amount of questions and conversations and so on. I was so busy that I didn't even get the chance to say hi to Alex and his girls, but was grateful for his attendance, as well as Tam and Brian, and a whole host of other people in the area that I know. In the end, this is what was left and then swept away.
Tam was kind enough to let us stay in the vicinity of my hotel for dinner (Indonesian!). I wanted to hang out longer but really needed to lay down after being on my feet and being ON for so many hours. The feedback I liked best was that apparently, visitors told the staff that I was very funny in my talk.
Monday morning, I had my last breakfast at my new/old favorite place, my last bath, and then packed so that Barbara could whisk me away to her amazing home. No words can adequately describe the view, the artwork inside, the care in creating a beautiful environment in which to live and share space. I was so grateful for her hospitality, and had a lovely time at the tea she hosted for kindred spirits: artists, weavers, spinners, musicians, people who work with their hands. Then, Richard came to whisk me away to Marin to see his collection of Korean paper baskets. !!! I was dumbfounded when he gifted me with one, along with an old Korean pot scrubber. I'm surprised I made it through dinner without screaming for joy.
Oh, and I also heard yesterday that the Morgan got its full ask of nearly $50K for the Cuyahoga Arts & Culture grant that I helped write. This Eastern paper center is really happening, and I will really have my dream job and get paid for it, doing exactly what I want to do. We had the highest score of any organization and were the only org to get its full ask. After a lovely breakfast with Barbara, I walked to the bus terminal to cross the bay to Mills College. I had a great lunch with Moya, and then set up to teach the paper workshop to Julie's book art class.
What a fabulous group! This one in particular did not want to stop making paper, even in the cold, wet rain. This is the first real rain of the season. I'll pretend that I'm the good luck charm, and hope for continued grace from the universe on my long, long journey back home tomorrow. So long for now, California!


therese said...

congrats on the happy and excited for you !
yaaaaaay, Aimee !!!!!!

jean betts said...

add my WOW to Velma's - you deserve to scream for joy!

Velma Bolyard said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!! it's HAPPENING!!!

mjc said...

Ray HOO Ray HOO Ray HOOooooo!!! Me screaming from joy for you - and the Morgan too!

aimee said...

thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! this is only the beginning, but a wonderful beginning. lots of love to all of you!