Thursday, November 28, 2013

Serious Canadian thanks on Velma's birthday

Where am I? OCAD, Toronto.
Drove in after ALL sorts of stormy threats from Cleveland to Buffalo, only to find gorgeous scenic roads, clear and clean and just fine. Tired upon arrival but amazed at how the sky opened right up after crossing the border to Canada. And then, finding out that our American treasure, Amos Kennedy, would be right there when I was!
I could not have been more delighted. It's not actually that cold, though I had a massive scare after reading the temperature mistakenly in centigrade.
The first time I heard of and met Amos was in Chicago, and he is just as joyful and wonderful as always, except that now he is in Detroit instead of Alabama.
TWO FAVORITE PEOPLE!! And it's her birthday!! We both printed one of these after a lovely group lunch hosted by Wendy Cain, who is one of the nicest and kindest ever. Not just papermaker, but all around person lovely. Yes, I'm aware I'm not making any sense at all.
Walking back to the school before my lecture after wandering the streets for a pharmacy. A good walk, a good city walk, a good winter walk.
The lecture went just fine, and it was so nice to just walk in with a flash drive and not worry about all about hauling my computer or dongles or anything. Sold the usual number of books (amazing to think I have figured out a number! It only took a year, and the first edition is nearly out of print. Maybe 30-40 left at the distributor? Don't worry, the second impression is being printed now).
Velma and I mostly just talked at the textile museum, while she tolerated me as I stripped off a top layer (to take me down to three) and two bottom layers (to take me down to two). People always psych me out about it being cold. Not just here, but every cold place I have ever lived. And I've always been fine, but succumb to the panic. I'm happy to be here but better get to bed; tomorrow is FULL and Saturday and Sunday are FULL and nothing is empty after that. Joy and love flying around everywhere and I kept forgetting it was Thanksgiving but am thankful I am missing it for this. Emily escorted me almost all the way home, and the night ended with the most beautiful poem on the bus by George Johnston.


  1. oh, JOY, aimee. it was fabulous to see you, to meet all those wonderful paper people, and AMOS!

  2. Smiling for you all!


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