Saturday, November 16, 2013


This is one of my favorites at SFO, at the BART station. Hard to see, but thousands of metal discs fluttering in the wind. I landed yesterday (was it only yesterday??) after a whole day of travel that routed me stupidly east to go west, and was immediately re-seduced by San Francisco. The sun, the mountains, the enormous Asian population, the bustling streets. As soon as I arrived and dumped my things, I was out the door again to meet Carl, and proceeded to immediately imbibe the wrong cocktail entirely. And then I remembered why I never stayed in this city, as beautiful and enticing as it is. It's so different from my relationship with New York, which I love and will always love.
The jet lag has been marked, and I woke up early after only a handful of sleep hours. I decided to walk in search of a place I had found with an ex over two years ago with simple and cheap breakfast run by a Chinese couple. I walked all over, in circles, and passed it twice before realizing what I had done. I was delirious with hunger and toxin-processing and hiking hills sweat (recall how flat Ohio is) by then and inhaled that very necessary meal. Then, I proceeded to walk in the wrong direction for a LONG TIME before figuring out how to make it back to the hotel so that I could draw a bath and try to rest, if not sleep, before tonight's lecture. SFCB has a gorgeous new location and the crowd was so very pleasant. I wavered in and out of consciousness while giving the talk, but was touched by the friends and fans that came out to see me (Tam made a surprise entrance!). And then, an amazing Indian dinner with Paulette and David.

I think that tonight, I'll sleep. In less than twelve hours, the Asian Art Museum has a special free day to celebrate Korean culture, and you can come joomchi with me!

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