Saturday, November 09, 2013

Harvest day one!

The kozo harvest has begun in earnest! Julie made a surprise visit from Iowa, and we picked her up from the airport last night. Wohoo! We came early to start everything up for the harvest, so this is not a very accurate image of what was going on. I just accidentally deleted the picture of the many MANY people scraping bark so I will have to jump through technology hoops to recover them, but I was amazed.
So many people came! Locally, out of state, new to the Morgan, old friends, wonderful group. I was shocked by the number of people willing to scrape.
Though, of course, hanging out with the fire and stripping bark is always fun, and easy in comparison. 
Jared and the new ax. Tom is watching.
Charred but still delicious sweet potatoes (though the Korean ones are better! I don't know where yet to find them in this town). 
 Mason loves to eat.
 Julie makes hosta paper. Tom stripped that little wee kozo branch.
The Morgan family! My finger, Tom, Julie, Kirstin, Mason, and a big-ass sheet of paper (abaca, kozo, hosta). Join us tomorrow for more fun! The chili is delicious and the company divine. Can't guarantee as wonderful of weather, but we make up for it in personality.


  1. therese7:22 PM

    awwwwwhhhhhh !!! i soooo wanted to be there for the harvest help.
    why did i think that it would happen in the cold, early spring. ....silly me ! year i do hope.....
    happy harvest !

  2. and me, i almost came…darnit!

  3. I wish I could be there! Thinking of you all (and smiling) as I steam, strip and scrape another harvest out here, all alone. Hugs to all!


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