Saturday, August 18, 2012

Web mysteries

[Thick kozo sheets made hybrid western/eastern style, so that one side of the paper has fibers all going in one direction, eastern, and one side has fibers all over the place doing their merry thing, western. Ranges from 1- to 4-ply.] Melissa very kindly let me know that my website is not working. The call is out to my designer but I have no idea when it will be dealt with. I am clueless as to why (which makes me wonder if I need to get more serious about a new site design and method of managing it). 
The colors are all funky but this was one of the more subtle pigmentations done in the big hanji vat, of greens (the top sheet is not).
And I realized I never did a comparison shot of these two! I'll get a better one in later but this was all I could handle yesterday while catching up on work. Today I head into town to drop off silkscreen class supplies and hang with family. If I'm lucky, I'll get one book or more bound before I leave.


  1. still not working at 3.30 sat. i love those soft colors above. you're leaving soon? (of course you are!)

  2. not leaving for good leaving, just going out. i wish i could stay home, but so much has backed up here! i DID get four books bound, though, so that feels good.

  3. four books...FOUR books?!

  4. the colours of the papers are just deeevine!


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