Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Benefit of the doubt, given

Day two! I was a little behind on sleep and rest from such an over-full Monday, so I took it easy in terms of the size of my first edition. Eight green hanji sheets, two hybrid kozo sheets, and five bristol.
The first run did not enamor me to the process but certainly taught me a lot. I realized while touching up the first pass that I keep doing flats of green! I had done a green background in my woodblock class last year. But this was for a very specific reason.
Pea green! The second run was MUCH more satisfying, not just because of the results of decent registration, but because it completed the image. And after all these years of proposing to print this book with silkscreen methods, I can finally prove that it would work.
I drew this yesterday in class and cut out the flat on rubylith. It's a plate from my Princesses and Peas book! Which I am determined to publish someday.


  1. ms. peas. when i was a kid the two kindergarten teachers were mrs. peas and miss poisse. i have no idea if i'm spelling them correctly.

  2. Ooh! It fits your drawing beautifully. (Everything I did this week was green, too.)

  3. well, greenish gray and some little dots of green in the ecodye bundles this week. and then there's the green milkweed, a first for me!

  4. I wasn't even registering when i saw all that milkweed that it was your first GREEN! It's true! Funny we are all passing thru green mode.


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