Monday, August 13, 2012

Dry day

[Melissa's donation to the Morgan archive! Love it.] I was so pleased to be able to sleep some last night. This morning, Vladimir came in to dry some hanji, and we talked more about hanji and kozo and growing in one country or another. Then I headed out to teach the private jiseung class, which was SUCH a pleasure. It was at Yuko's home, who had requested and organized the session, and I was so happy to have been invited in because her space is as exquisite as her artwork. Then I was heading back and couldn't do a left turn so I was driving until I could turn around and noticed an art supply store. I pulled in so that I could get supplies for my printmaking class next week in NYC (funny that it's easier for me to buy the stuff here in Cleveland than for me to haul around on the subway back in NY) and bumped into the Morgan's intern coordinator. Once I got back to the studio, I heated up the new Kwikprint that I had cleaned off this morning and made a bunch of calling cards onto hanji. FUN. Too fun.

What I forgot to say yesterday, which I could say every time I come to Cleveland, is that I could never do any of the work I do here without Tom! He worked so hard this weekend to help me during the workshop (I had a swell intern for part of the time because I talked a new one into spending part of his weekend with me in class, but he is not even two weeks old here) and makes everything possible. He makes dreams come true! The hanji studio here being an obvious example. Tomorrow, back to the vat.

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  1. a good day, then. and a day of papermaking today.


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