Monday, August 20, 2012

Taking care of old business

[Can you see the comic? This is an old one, from 2005, about to transform into a screenprint.] 16 years ago, I sat in a silkscreen class in college, looking at the instructions to buy supplies for constructing a screen. I was terrified by this, had no understanding of what was to come (I thought that I had to make a new screen for each print), and was intimidated by the teacher, so I dropped the class immediately. I briefly dated someone down the hall in my dorm whose roommate ended up taking that slot and killing it in class, which made me feel good, like I had done the right thing. Better for someone who really wanted to do it be there than me. Now I get to be that student! We were bombarded with tons of info, all very good and helpful, and prepared our first set of images; tomorrow we'll print. I'm super happy to be in class with Lisa again, and got to talk for a while with Katerina, who manages summerINK and is also in class. I can't wait to test out my new hanji and hybrid east/west kozo paper.

I schlepped four separate objects (a bag slung over each shoulder, a long tube, and a huge makeshift garment bag) to Stefan for another shoot and got to catch up with him about his residency in the works in a remote corner of Nevada while letting him do all the heavy lifting of making my artwork made in Santa Fe look real good. And the best kind of webby news: my website is back to functioning and my publisher has listed my book description!

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  1. HOORAY!!!! the book the book! i'm so proud of you!
    i remember having no understanding of the silkscreen process or why ever would i want to make something that way. i was, as you once said, like a tadpole then.


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