Thursday, August 02, 2012

A new bounty

This was a project asking for form/structure/design to be fully integrated with content. Emily searched all over for the perfect teacup in which to house her book.

I love how Ann has been using her new paper cutting skills from Beatrice's class last week in her books, along with the volvelle I demoed yesterday.
I've enjoyed watching Ingrid wrestle with the book form after spending her artistic life in ceramics.
Beth set up her book in a box adorned with a compass with this perfect quote.

I can't get over how tight and fantastically hilarious Derek's blizzard was, a he said she said that had us all laughing in crit.

Patricia worked super hard on getting this pop-up to work and the effect, with all the paper cuts and color and paper choices, was just right. Though most people were wilting by afternoon, I powered through a ton of demos for our last full day of such, so they have as many options as possible for their final book due on Saturday morning. Tomorrow we tie up loose ends and prepare for nighttime open studios. I realized that the reason the class seems so overwhelming for all is that I'm attempting to teach two in one: artists' books AND bookbinding. But I was serious about the class description, that students will leave with an "armful" of books. Lots to learn, and tweaking constantly on the way. I was sad that we lost yet another student to unforseen circumstances, but the rest have been holding their own admirably. I was happy for another brief afternoon interlude on the couch, finishing Jhumpa Lahiri's wonderful Unaccustomed Earth while icing my foot. Looking forward to slowing down tomorrow!

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