Thursday, August 16, 2012

That's all for now, Cleveland

When I am at the Morgan, I never want to be around my computer (nor do I care to take pictures anymore. It's all about work! The good kind). I don't even have time to appreciate Tom's warehouse, but I did like this on a side table.
Melissa shot this one at the end of a workshop day. I had cut my fingers on buckets and vats on both hands on my prep days so I had to wear bandages for a few days. They were sticky!
Yesterday I took a little trip to Oberlin and met with a horticulturalist for tea and then two friends for dinner. In between, I sat in the Con lounge (the music conservatory) and worked on some jiseung pieces. The furniture is way fancier than when I hung out there years ago. After I got back to the studio to pick up dried paper and then to the warehouse to pack, Tony came by for a final jiseung coaching. I was SO impressed! He figured out a double-layered vessel all by himself and I helped him with the bottom. I would have photographed it if I had a device near me at the time.
Just to get this shot, I went to a bakery for breakfast today. I saw this a few times when I first arrived and thought it said, "Thank you for your self," which I loved. Then I finally realized, when seeing the identical tag on the other side, that it says something else entirely! Which is also helpful but not as warm and fuzzy. I marvel at how my brain reads sometimes. In a few hours, I fly back home. Tom already left yesterday to pick up equipment, so it has been quiet. but I was proud of myself for pacing my free days wisely, not overdoing things, leaving enough time for everything to dry and for clean up. Now I'm going home with some faintly-green hanji (overpressed, so not well parted--I took them apart four at a time instead of two) and a handsome stack of thick hybrid eastern/western kozo sheets (double, triple, and quadruple couched). Another wonderful Cleveland visit for my hungry heart.

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  1. a good visit, despite ragged hands. lots of new hanji to play with.


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