Saturday, August 04, 2012

Flurry, flurry, flown

[Ann's final book, about being all thumbs.] It was too hectic today to take pictures--by the time I realized I wanted to shoot, everyone had put away their final books and I was scrambling to try and finish keepsakes for everyone (I failed and only was able to gift half the class, the ones who were there until the end). They did a GREAT job and everyone really stepped it up; I was so gratified to see the leaps and bounds made in understanding and execution and belief in themselves. My ride was early and I was so rushed that I shamefully did not get to do final goodbyes with faculty and staff but I'll post more tomorrow of the best thing ever: my students made a beautiful thank-you book for me. In the car for hours, and then more hours spent unpacking and repacking and organizing for at least 3-4 different trips that span Cleveland in a few days to class next year, so this zombie is going to sleep. A grateful, highly-fulfilled zombie.

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