Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Some cooling

The weather has cooled some, which is WELCOME. I swing on this every day, just a little.

I tried to find the gym today and FINALLY found it, and then walked to class through a basement maze. I love theatre set stuff.

Poor crumpled cracked acrylic gloss medium deer. I can relate.

The wall of samples is growing. This was after a day or day and a half. Wendy is watching over us.

I soaked fiber today for tomorrow's papermaking. I dread it, b/c of how physical it is. I am weak these days, and exceedingly out of shape, so this will be a trial. And we're not even doing full-sized anything! Hopefully I will get enough sleep tonight to drive me tomorrow.


  1. I'm grinning delightedly at the yes / no grain samples.

  2. wendy says all will be well, indeed.
    and making paper will invigorate you. you know it will! ian made paper there from puzzle pieces and abaca--


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