Saturday, August 20, 2011

Grateful that I have traveled, though I am stranded right now

I may have posted this on my blog last year, from Ireland, after hiking and peeing on a slope when no one was watching. I've been away from my computer since Monday afternoon, so all I can do is scavenge from old ones online. I just finished reading Mink River, which was beautiful and feverish and perfect for these times (and why I picked a photo from Ireland). I started it last night, and have been at it all day, while in a slow process of heartbreak. A new kind for me, but an ancient human one. Books might save (or distract) me, even though what I want right now looks like: a shower, a ride to a train station, and several train tickets.

In a matter unrelated to me, but also pertaining to heartbreak: the dog of my hosts last summer in the Cleveland area, died last week. They had to put him down because of cancer. I was shocked to hear the news, very sad. I will see them next month and stay for a bit, and we will share our losses.

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  1. books keep saving and distracting me, too. always. hugs


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