Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"paper paper paper"

Said Velma. Today was a paper day. We beat and beat and beat. And I happened to go back to the studio later after class to find all the paper had blown away and shrunk. Not what I expected. BUT so very pleased despite it all, b/c it is beautifully rattly paper, which is not all that easy to do. So I hope they are pleased tomorrow even though it didn't turn out the way I said it would (it never seems to...).

Tonight I went to visit the International Paper Museum in Brookline. I was supposed to meet both Sidney and Elaine, but she wasn't feeling well, so he gave me the full tour of the artwork, garden full of papermaking plants (this is a tiny banana one in the driveway), paper studio, offices, library, and exhibit space.

Tapa! I could have stayed for much longer looking at all the paper prototypes. Then he treated me to a viewing of two videos. I got to pick, and both included footage from Korea. But it was the rest of the footage that was so fascinating. I had read Elaine's book last spring, but this was a great complement because I could finally see it all in action. Some things were so new, yet ancient. It was inspiring to think that paper could motivate an entire family and sustain them for so long. I'm hoping tomorrow I can sustain enough energy to get through a hot day for more papermaking, dyes, and weaving!

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  1. i love that you made rattly paper. sometimes i'm amazed that pulp actually turns into paper!


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