Thursday, August 11, 2011

In lieu of hot air

Handmade paper hot air balloon stuffed with packing peanuts! At the original Carriage House Paper.

Today: dyes! But super low key, b/c that's how I am with dyes and colors. It's fun seeing what other people come up with, and I especially enjoy watching one of my students, who is chronologically young but seems to have grown up doing all sorts of things with her hands that 'kids these days' seem to NOT be doing anymore. That is heartening. More rattly paper, testing my new sugeta, another batch of kozo cooked (but for lace, not paper). I went back to the studio after class to make a little of my own during quiet time, and also found out that I can visit a special collection tomorrow to view a new publication from Korea on hanji! So that will be the final rounding out of a very papery week in Boston.

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  1. beautiful dyeing. enjoy that hanji book-it will be great for you!


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