Thursday, August 25, 2011

Enthusiasm in small steps

[This evening, home.] I threw coins this morning, and the I Ching advised me very well. Though there was lots of rain today, I had waterproof shoes and a big umbrella, and got good work done. First, a photo shoot. People have wondered over the years why I pay a professional to shoot my slides. I met Stefan in 2002, and after a hiatus where I couldn't use him b/c I lived in Chicago for three years, I went back. There is no comparison to the people I used to hire. He's that good. People think I can do it myself. Well, I can't. I am no good at lighting, and would rather spend my time and energy making art or learning techniques or laughing with friends or sleeping, than forcing myself to understand the mathematics of reflection and refraction and whatever. I love being able to work with someone who is good at what he does. I love seeing my pieces treated like famous models at a shoot. It helps me feel like what I do is worth something, worth enough to hire an intelligent, worldly pro to help me put my best foot out into the world. And over the years, he has seen the range of my work, and understands how to shoot it. If I didn't enjoy the process of working with him so much, I'd ship my work to him to shoot without me. Trust.

I was disappointed with how little work I had for him since our last shoot. I must remedy that. After the shoot, I braved the rain to meet Helena for a delicious lunch at the Asia Society before we walked over to the Frick, a first visit for both of us. Though it's not my kind of art, it was still fascinating, and I found an exquisite trompe l'oeil that included images of two tiny scraps of paper, each with a drawing of a head. Then we sat down for tea. It's so nice to see friends again, get real hugs, be out in the world, walk, get around w/o a car, and work. The best end to the journey for today: I came home to an acceptance letter for a residency in the southwest! I am enthused.

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Velma Bolyard said...

YAY! good news about the residency, and stefan makes your work looks as good in pics as in person. yay for friends, soo.