Monday, August 01, 2011

On my feet

All day, which hurts. Today was our first full day of class and I pushed hard. But I keep thinking I'll let up once I cover X amount of material. We'll see if that actually happens. I do think I will do a major shuffle, though, based on what I'm sensing. I was amazed that the big pot of paste I cooked up this morning after breakfast was used up completely. The acoustics are challenging, since we're in a space that is WIDE open to the ceiling. Like, up to the top of the building. From the bottom of it. Probably about four stories in a standard apartment, so apparently my voice is lost.

I've met some great people, and already have connected with a cellist who knows a papermaker. And of course I know the papermaker! It's so weird being here, teaching in the art program, alongside an entire chamber music program. I see people with their name tags that indicate their instrument, and I wonder what happened. That used to be me! [Up there is one of 3 dorms alongside each other. It's not the one I sleep in, but I suspect they are identical.]

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