Friday, August 26, 2011

Order and disorder

A couple weeks ago, we sighted a hummingbird at these flowers. Has never happened, not in 30 years, such a sight. Today was full, getting to the loose ends, so many that I could make an entire rug. For a really big floor.

After two years, I took a big breath and reorganized my hanji. It's still crazy, since I have no proper paper storage. No flat files, nothing. But at least it has gone from one ENORMOUS roll plus a zillion smaller ones to several neatly stacked rolls (plus the zillion smaller ones, slightly better organized). I mailed things like art and cookies. I bought a frame for a brilliant pulp painting by Tom that now hangs over my bed. I'm so lucky to even own it! It's perfect. I hung more art and negotiated the sale of two pieces. I advised a paper colleague on traveling to Korea. I admin-ed a lot, made a couple of cords, rinsed some paper coated in kaki. Forgot about it until it flew off the balcony and I had to run downstairs to catch it before someone threw it away. Kept almost making work. The big thing will be to DO it. But I had to weave the rug first.

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  1. you probably don't know this one: "in order to weave, you have to be warped".


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