Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I was in a rut today in the studio but kept working through it, making postcard-size joomchi pieces to clear out hanji scraps that have been making me insane since last summer, when I cut them into triangular pieces. Triangles are NOT my shape. I'm also amazed at how much admin I have to slog through these days. I thought yesterday and today about how uninspired I have been, but how it is inevitable in a place that feels so divided, that IS so divided by actual, physical divisions: walls, gates, empty lots, fences, do you inhabit a space like that and not have your mind shut down?

So I will be taking a day trip to Dublin very soon, and maybe a countryside trip next week before I take off for England. I was even wondering if I should take a ferry to Scotland but that might be overreaching. If nothing else, I should try to catch a film at Queen's Film Theatre. And good news on fundraising: I've passed 50%! There's still a ways to go, and time feels like it's picking up speed, but this is heartening.


  1. Ray Hoo! I saw this morning's past-halfway on the funding; been stalking it every few days to check how it's going. I toasted you with my coffee before getting back to my piles of admin.

  2. these look delicious. how many have you eaten?!


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