Friday, May 07, 2010

A Dublin afternoon

[View from rooftop garden of the Chester Beatty Library.] I am wrecked from a jaunt today to Dublin but hopefully it means that I will sleep through the night. Allan and Fiona drove us down and I was able to see IMMA (most of the galleries were closed for installation) and the Chester Beatty Library, which had been the two things on my list. A little bit of Trinity College, seeing the line for the Book of Kells, sitting amongst pretty flowers in the park next to St. Patrick's Cathedral, getting lost and found, walking the cow path, crossing the river, and honestly, I don't remember much else. The bus ride was kind of awful b/c 80% of the vehicle was full of rowdy teens and the guy next to me was loudly courting a girl across the aisle from him in Spanish. But now I know the visit is doable if I want to try again before I leave, and know where to get good hot chocolate. It was nice to be in a proper city and not feel like a freakish outsider, and to see so much livestock and green rolling landscape in between.

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  1. i love the knot. are you doing ireland by means of hot chocolate? i approve!


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