Tuesday, May 04, 2010


[Josh Ritter lyrics that felt particularly apt for this city carved up by walls.] I feel like I'm finally back in my body somewhat--I went to the Polish market and got some more substantial protein (I've been sorely deficient for a while) and was delighted by the guy there b/c he said, "if you have questions, I can do my best to explain." Since I was pretty obviously NOT someone who reads Polish. So I asked which pickles were sweet, since I hate sweet pickles. Thank goodness I asked, b/c the only sweet ones were the ones I would have pegged as not sweet! Anyhow, I have been buried in admin, somehow, and am still digging my way out. Susan Byrd sent me her new blog, where she has so generously uploaded her articles on shifu that she has written over the years. Brilliant; a huge service to the community.

[One of my fave drawings from Dr. Sketchy.] Today, Inga picked me up and took us to the Linen Centre in Lisburn. Not very exciting but I can tick it off the list. The very exciting part was lunch and an afternoon with her and her husband in their AMAZING home. Seriously, it was like a total playground for artists. And that's what both of them are. I cannot even begin to explain how gorgeous and fantastic it all was: the inside, the outside, the art, the decor, the colors, the wallpaper, the white carpets, the sliding doors, the commitment to making an incredibly inspiring living and working space. It was like being transported to another world. I did not feel like I was in Northern Ireland anymore. It was the first floor I was happy to be sitting all over b/c they are like me: no shoes in the house!!

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