Thursday, May 06, 2010


Tonight I went to three openings with Fiona and this piece was at Catalyst Arts, where junior art majors from the university exhibited their work. Stuff was all over the place, but I absolutely loved this, which was easy to miss as it was so close to the floor. Before that, we saw an exhibit at Space CRAFT, and afterwards, a show at the Naughton Gallery of Gary Shaw's paintings.

[Natural dye on hanji, felted. Tests.] Afterwards, we had tea at her very pregnant friend's home; yesterday was her due date. I've been stuck in the studio and today was hard, too. But I just kept at it. Not much getting squeezed out. As a result, I am completely obsessed with food: when my next meal or snack will be, and what it will be, and so on.

[Knitted hanji.] I did have some adventures trying to get euros, pounds, and English sterling. And looking at super touristy things to get gift ideas for departure. I'm past halfway here, I think, and the rest of the time will be a little choppy. But at least I'm not one to get seasick.


Velma Bolyard said...

you can imagine my thoughts as i gaze across that hanji landscape--i am all about crawling through it. luscious. is it really close to departure? what happened? that demon time creeping in again.

aimee said...

well, i supposedly depart for england next week, but we'll see what that ash cloud thinks of that idea. hopefully by early june, it will let me fly homehome w/o too much drama.