Thursday, May 13, 2010

All at once, a downpour

I was so tired of this scrap of hanji that has been following me around since October and then I realized I could cut it up to make yarn. Now I love it. I rushed myself to the studio today, and was amazed that it was empty until 1pm! Soon after I arrived, a guy from the lens factory downstairs came up to tell me that the gate lock had broken and that he had to get a new lock and key and we would then have to cut new keys for everyone in the studio for night/weekend access. I knew this would NOT be fun news for the studio manager. But it was a good conversation; he said the building was old and creepy, and the area sketchy at night. I liked that he was honest about all that. He talked about how small the country is and how the last two summers of excess rain caused flooding and the land couldn't take it. He also said that there was nothing wrong with being an American, and that was nice to hear, of course.

I made 20 cords, had lunch, and prepped colored ones. Then I had a nice mentoring session with Helena, one of the graduate residents, where I remembered how much I'm able to run at the mouth. I hope that the info was useful to her, though. I was too cold to wait more than half an hour for my next session, so I left to avoid the rain forecast for later in the day and caught a bus home. I'm in admin zombieland, but am blown away by the support I've been getting for my hanji in Cleveland project (I am getting closer and closer to goal!), and was happy to see my work in OTI Magazine (scroll down to see three images) in their poetry section.

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