Saturday, May 01, 2010

Festivals galore

This road is closed off through election day (May 6) in case of dissident attacks--this is where the guys in black robes and white ribbons and wigs go to work.

I saw this on the way to meet new friends at the Festival of Fools and had to shoot it.

I got to town early and there was a perfect seat to watch this show, so I saw a magician from Australia after knitting a bunch.

After running into the mall to use the bathroom (mostly for hot water and dryers: my hands were freezing), I went back out to the same site to meet Inga and her husband and friend to watch this guy, half of a British duo with

this guy. I don't know which is Jones and which is Barnard, but they had started out the gig in suits.

After hot chocolate, we caught the last half of Rob Torres from the USA and an audience member. Then we walked over to Harlem Cafe for good seafood chowder, lovely ambiance/decor, and gorgeous windows. We peeked into Ulster Hall and then headed back for one more show.

The last guy we saw was Dansko Gida from the Czech Republic, who had a FABULOUS soundtrack. It's amazing to see street performance these days: everyone uses an iPod or portable computer for their music. But regardless, it was great fun despite how schizophrenic the weather has been for the past two days. Today was sun and rain and warmth and cold on and off like a switch. Yesterday was the same, only with heavier rain when it rained, warmer sun when it came out, and HAIL. I also realized last night why I sleep so little here: it gets dark LATE and light EARLY. It was a much-needed day off, and I was able to talk to Ben for the first time in over a month.

Today I went to the studio after all the shows and my right hand started to freak out (likely from too much weaving), so I called it quits early. I'm hoping it will calm down soon b/c I am useless w/o it, and will hopefully catch more shows tomorrow. Inga said it was hilarious that I am in Belfast now, b/c it seems so culturally rich since there are a bunch of festivals that fall right around the bank holidays in May: film festival, fools festival, and Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival...I've been to events for all three, three days in a row! I highly recommend spring for jaunts to this fine city.


  1. yay--you got to talk with ben! ...and what's up with the guy and his beer? did he miss???


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