Friday, July 24, 2015


This was going to be a sibling of a beautiful, completely lopsided gourd that I had seen in Santa Fe over 3 years ago. The original was made in Korea out of paper, lacquered black, with a metal tube at the end to drink out of.
Less than halfway through, I realized I had to practice more ducks, so now it's a mashup of the gourd and a duck. I left the beak open so in theory (after this is coated), you could try to fill the thing through the mouth and drink it that way.
This week, I have been trying to take back my time so I can do what really matters to me. Not sure how successful I've been, but there have been a couple of yoga classes, a few glasses of wine, a walk to the bookstore, and dinners out with new and old friends. While on a trash run in the middle of lots and lots of purging, I found the most delightful gift in the mail! Richard sent his homemade jam from California. What a perfect way to end the week.

p.s. - I just noticed that Paper Book Intensive (PBI) posted its teaching roster for next year; I am crazy excited now that I get to see new and old colleagues next May!

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