Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Another day, week, month

Time is going too quickly! These three have places to rest for now.
She is still curious, out in the world. The gold leaf was an interesting experiment. The photos are in reverse.
Yuko gave me two sheets of gold leaf. I used one for about 10 big sheets of hanji, though really it was a test to see how much would stick to each side of the sheet, as they are all couched and pressed together with no interleaving.
Snacks are very important. Coconut cranberry, thanks to a run to Koko's by Kirstin.
I got lazy and threw in a bunch of cooked kozo into the hollander beater along with hanji scraps I had saved for about 2-3 years. Not the best idea because of the inevitable knots, but it's a texture that I like because it reminds me of when we first built the studio and all we had were hollanders.
She's on top of the stack of 41 we made from 4 pounds of Japanese kozo. I think if I pulled thinner, we could have gotten 50, maybe more. I lost some in the process.
The heat dryer is too hot at the edges so they peel away on their own.
Parting was fine and the press was just right.
I am so glad we have these ribbons after too many years of improvising with threads that didn't really work (in terms of re-using). This week, coming down from production and trying to get back to studio work, dry studio work. It's already July and no more holidays until the fall!

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  1. i just want to smile and smile as i look at these three in their nests and being frisky. having cleveland weather here today, feel like i'm melting.


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