Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Extra, extra

In the process of weaving these delightful ducks, I have found that I am very one-sided. I usually only consider one side of the duck as it grows (usually the left side of their bodies)—kind of like having a dominant eye/hand/foot, that habit of seeing the way that's easiest to see. When I finish, I turn it around, only to find it's something else entirely on the other side.

It has been grey and wet and muggy, but I am embracing weather more and more as a huge player in our lives, a go-to conversation piece, and a reliable inevitability. Today, I woke up in one of the nicest ways possible: "You made the paper!" Well, it's the digital version for now, but still great. Few outlets take the time to document every step of papermaking, so a big thank you to Gus Chan of the Plain Dealer for spending a week with me in the studio during a hanji production run.

Here is the slideshow with a video at the end.

Also, I was invited to join Provenance, a platform to showcase the stories behind makers. I was working on this last night, so now we have two more long image-powered stories about hanji. YAY.

Here is the story of making hanji in Cleveland.

Here is the story of making a paper duck in Deer Isle.

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  1. oh, aimee, i'm so happy for you! and that wee duck, well, she's totally kick-ass!


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