Thursday, July 09, 2015


[Can you spot her? Watching hanji dry.] I haven't been able to weave for a while and it makes me crazy, as it always does when I have these long stretches of not having my fingers on fibers. I listened to this tonight and was incredibly moved, especially after weeks of feeling angry and frustrated about pettiness. Of course the solution is not for me to be a foster parent or join the army or go to law school to crusade for civil rights. The best thing is to focus on ducks, if I can stay the course.

Radha arrived today. Everything changes now that we have a serious studio person! She teaches Islamic papermaking for the next three days and then dives into work. I've laid out my sample books to prepare for my class next weekend. A small bark duck body is shaping itself while I try to remember how it felt to work in Maine, cling to a bit of that industrious joy, before I have to stop for sleep and work and food.

I had a few friends over for dinner the other night and one noticed my dire lack of drinking containers (two tiny glasses that match, two mugs that do not match, one stray clay cup). He bought me a set of six glass tumblers today! Ducks, friendship, rain. I am grateful for the little big things.

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  1. ducks, friendship, rain seems like a marvelous list to me. hope you can weave soon! still missing you.


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