Thursday, July 16, 2015

Color drench

This year's dahlia dye is outrageously gorgeous. When I saw the results that Radha's students were getting, I knew I had to test this batch. Same plants and everything, but maybe that winter dormant as bulbs in Tom's care did something. Or all the rain we've gotten. Or a better ratio of flowers to water. Who knows. It's glorious to be around, though.
As soon as someone out east saw the hanji feature from yesterday, I got a call for an order. So I worked on that today, along with seeing Pam have a great open studio session in the morning. It made me SO happy to have someone in and working in the studio. It's so important to get people inside.
Dahlia brushed 3x onto last year's sheets whose pulp was dyed in dahlia.
Stayed up late to work on a new sample book and the general lesson plan for this weekend. Really looking forward to this one and know already that I have a bunch of great students.

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  1. WHAT?!!!! that color! have a grand class...i wish i was there.


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