Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Back to the vat

I nearly drowned in work the past couple of weeks and realized after talking to some friends that I need to correct course and get back to what's important. I'm soaking a few years of hanji scraps from weaving right now. It's only a half pound and will probably give me just a handful of big hanji sheets, but I want to experiment with a tiny bit of gold leaf.
She's helping us press almost 50 sheets of hanji that I made with Kirstin bringing up the rear (I got SO tired after over 30) today. Tom soaked Japanese kozo on Sunday, I cooked on Monday, the interns helped rinse, pick, and beat on Tuesday, and we did a bit more hand beating this morning before brushing in the naginata and prepping the vat. This is also the middle of a three-day photo shoot for the local paper. The sheets are so much nicer now that we've switched entirely to Japanese kozo for production, instead of tough and stringy Thai kozo.
Soaking to beat tomorrow or Friday. The verdict will come in once we press, part, and dry the sheets tomorrow. Thank goodness for this brief respite from the summer heat! Perfect for this quick production run.

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  1. so perfect for you, except the too much work part. two of my morgan kozo plants have no leaves! sigh.


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