Tuesday, April 09, 2013

"We were taught to be humble"

[Paste that I had finished straining and thinning for Minah so that our students could paste their paper nails and their paste downs. Martha said it was the most beautiful paste she had ever seen.] I was able to grab Velma on the phone yesterday when we were both in zombie mode from excess travel and sleep deprivation. We talked about how it's hard to talk ourselves up; our habit is to go in the opposite direction. Somehow, how we were raised now seems completely antiquated, nothing like how people behave nowadays. This shocks me on a regular basis because I am not terribly old but I have felt cranky about poor manners and bad behavior for years. Yet I still try to make my way in the world while being bewildered by its occupants. That includes me.

In two days, I hit the road again. Today, I booked a flight for my Ohio trip in two more weeks. There are still supplies I'd like to order and tools I'd like to construct and classes I'd like to restructure and so much more. But every night I have to remember to go to sleep.


  1. I am so impressed by the class (and the schedule you are maintaining)!
    I've always found it strange that the people who have so very very much about them to 'talk up' are the ones that find it difficult to do so...and how much the reverse is also true.

  2. still so tired, but the teaching eval is over! oh, aimee, let's just make paper! melissa, you come, too!


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