Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy people

I couldn't help myself from using the offcuts from the shoe-in-progress (and only one for now! I'll see how it goes and then decide if I can brave a second). Now that it's done, there are no more excuses to avoid computer work. I have to recommend this film about a topiary artist in Bishopville. I love his mission and vision and attitude: nothing comes from negative thinking!
Yesterday, I finally was able to catch up with BĂ©atrice, with whom I have been playing tag for a few years. We keep missing each other at the various places where we teach and show, so I was delighted to visit her studio. I love being reminded of how much laughter lives inside of her and how much energy she has and how open she is to everything out there. It was great to see her latest projects, from the papercuts to the mobile apps to the 3D animated short. We talked potential collaborations and shared stories—hers were identical to mine (damaged art, missing art, difficult people to work with, the whole nine yards), and it made me feel a little less alone in this life's work.

I'll be back on the road soon, but you can see a quick recap-type blog post here at the WSW blog.

And Saturday afternoon at 1pm in Manhattan, I'll do a jiseung talk for the NY Guild of Handweavers. Sunday, off to Ohio!


Velma Bolyard said...

yay yay!

theorist said...

I watched that doc last December. Loved it! Have a great trip, Aimee.