Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Enter to Learn Go Forth to Serve"

So says the banner under the seal of the NY Police Academy. I had no idea that would be the view from SVA, where I gave a talk on jiseung for the NY Guild of Handweavers. But it's a good slogan. The turnout was great, even on such a gorgeous day, and I was happy to be amidst weavers who were nearly jumping out of their shoes to handle shifu and other hanji goodies. It was the first time I was with a group of people who knew the names I mentioned, like Velma Bolyard and Jean Betts. Either they read their blogs or have seen their work or are signed up for their classes. I love carrying samples of their work in my teaching stash.

Tomorrow is my last teaching date for the month. Then, I gratefully begin my one month devoid of public engagements! Which kicks off with wet hands and feet at the Morgan.


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    1. good luck with the airlines and happy cleveland and oberlin to you (i thought it was the morgan, but it's the alma mater)

  2. Yes! Happy month *off* in the Land of Cleves! I'll just miss you on my way to Maine (sigh).

  3. Anonymous4:08 PM

    --I'm with you in spirit, I'd be there in person if it was possible., It is wonderfully satisfying when people know and understand what you are talking about. have a fun, relaxing, "just for you" month off.


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