Thursday, April 18, 2013

Couch day

I had so many good intentions for industrious-looking work, but found that what I really needed was a veg on the couch day. Because of new neighbors, I now am woken up at around 6:40am each weekday, and am slowly learning to start early with a relatively positive attitude rather than cursing angrily. With the shifting daylight, this schedule is doable, and I decided to shirk almost all of my computer-based work in favor of jiseung-ing. I made lots of balls, so two new necklaces are done. The mail brought a great book review in Korean Quarterly! Libby Pomroy wrote it and you could easily stop after reading her first sentence: "I love this book." The only error I want to fix is the publication city, which is Ann Arbor. I appreciate the fact that she actually read the book and outlines it well.

The other good news: my workshop in Minneapolis this June will run, though there are still slots available (search for my name or hanji; there's no direct link to the specific class). One note: it is NOT a papermaking class, and prior papermaking experience is NOT required, like it says on the website! If you want to actually make paper with me, then sign up for:

Korean Papermaking at MassArt (July 9-12)
Eastern Papermaking and Sculptural Techniques at Women’s Studio Workshop (July 22-26)
Korean Papermaking and Hanji Crafts at the Morgan Conservatory (Aug 3-4)

Now, back to balls. It looks like I'm doing nothing but my hands are feeling it.

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