Saturday, April 20, 2013

Up there

[If I had my camera on me, I wouldn't have used my phone.] I have been in a daze, not grounded at all. But yesterday was a treat, heading to the Met to see the show on Islamic art and conservation and lunch with Mindy and Yukari who work in book conservation. The more conservators I meet, the more I realize how very many there are in the world. Afterwards, I headed downtown to visit Jeff Peachey, another conservator but also tool maker and researcher and teacher and collector of all sorts of things, like books and needles. I thought it would be nice to see him before we both teach at FOBA, especially after hearing about his classes at NBSS. SO much great information, fun and honest, smart and totally backed-up with experience and serious research. He has an essay about beating signatures of books in my publisher's newest publication, so we got to take a look at each others books and compare notes. Plus, he shared his article on Vietnamese papermaking from a sold-out issue of Hand Papermaking; I always like to read these kinds of stories.

My head overflowing with new insights and information, I dove into the family portion of the weekend. Caretaking, birthdays, feasting, spent, the usual. I'm hoping now for a stretch of work days, and am inspired ALWAYS by Joanne's string dogs. Always!


  1. yes, a great time, and joanne's dogs are way cool!

  2. Glad you got to meet Jeff! I have 3 of his knives, to which he replied "Only three?!"
    And yes, love Joanne's string dogs!
    Ray Hoo for work days!


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