Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Bits falling out of my brain

This one at the Japanese Garden reminded me of the Benson Bubblers in downtown Portland. My friend from out of town liked them and noted how good the water tastes in Portland. I concur! I was sad to suck down the last of it in my water bottle on the flight home. For those of you who are printmakers and like to travel, the call is out for the Seacourt Print Residency in Bangor, Northern Ireland. Lovely new space, energetic and devoted staff, and a good community (plus it's near the water).
These are also tiny, maybe finger sized. I wish this was how tiny my tasks were. I slept a LOT through the night and was grateful for the rest, but had a lot to plow through today because I had let so much admin slip between my fingers during my tour. A famous author visited to get my book signed today, which was an honor. I also had an important slip of paper (aka money) fly out of a pocket but was lucky that someone found it and took steps to return it. In normal life, I absolutely never act like this, but I'm no longer in normal life. I even forgot to announce my Boston summer workshop, a 4-day intensive with making hanji, felting and cording and twining it, and dyeing it. Look for "Korean Papermaking" - July 9-12.

Maybe I'll make a color-coded calendar for myself so I know where I go for the next five months. Which reminds me that the Morgan has announced its classes for this season and it is a seriously blockbuster lineup. I wish I could take everything!


  1. Not that I qualify, but the Seacourt Print Residency looks amazing. Sigh.

    It's so great that someone returned that cash to you! I know what you mean about normal life vs travel. I ran out of money in New York, and my friends paid for my food. I felt so stupid! I'm usually much more responsible.

  2. claudia and i were talking about finding/returning money last night...how we both consider it absolutely our obligation to do and our students...not so much. i love the tiny woven fence, for tiny mammals? yay for the morgan and i wish i could be there all summer long!

  3. not cash (b/c it's impossible to know who that belongs to unless you see it fly out of the pocket), but a check. that taught me the value of having a phone number on checks! the account holder got a call, and then i got the name and number of the person who found it, and we met. of course, this also works better in neighborhoods where people are nice.

    travel makes you appreciate normal life!


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