Friday, January 18, 2013


Based on the recommendation of a new friend, I watched "Departures" (Japanese title: "Okuribito"). I highly recommend it if you don't mind tearjerkers and humor and all-out seriousness and public baths and music and stones. Before that, Velma had recommended Hisako Sekijima's Basketry book and it has been a revelation. It follows my usual path where everything I do comes from wildness, with no context, and then I work backwards to find origins and structure and tradition and the rest. Before that, Tam had surprised me by sending the most perfect lovey mittens that she had knitted, with conductive thread on the thumbs for my touch phone and slots for my index fingers to poke out for more touch screen action. Today, Melissa coached me. Yesterday, Marci bolstered me. The day before, Paulette called with affirmations. And earlier in the week, Jean confirmed my doubts (which affirmed my instincts). These are days where I feel frustrated almost daily, but thank goodness for the solid support of friendship.

p.s. - One of my books will be shown by the Center for Book Arts at CODEX next month in California!


  1. onesmallstitch9:57 PM

    very sweet mitts and I will have to look up the Basketry book. is there a BB/A for bookaholics??

    1. i know, dangerous! i used to refuse to buy books when i was even more nomadic in my lifestyle than i am now (maybe a poetry chapbook here or there), but now that i teach, i find it impossible to stay away.


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