Sunday, January 06, 2013

Night work

[Very grainy scan by very tired me.] Quickly, as I ride a wave of a second wind after a challenging weekend of simultaneously running away from and facing demons (a good cry helps): Jean did the most wonderful post about my book. Because she is such a skilled weaver, she did exactly that with jiseung bits that she has, and she managed to make the interhighway come alive in this marvelous way where she turned a webpage into a paper page into a learning experiment.

Also, I had a nice surprise on the train while heading to the shortest photo shoot ever on Friday (the new images are gorgeous; can't wait to show you Stefan's latest shots of my bitty baskets). I had just gotten the new alumni magazine from my beloved alma mater, and they did a sweet blub on my book. I had heard that it was being considered for the page that always includes five new alumni publications, but what perfect timing!



  2. onesmallstitch11:57 AM

    well deserved acknowledgement, YES!


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