Monday, January 07, 2013

Grounding by running

[If I can stand to do a slow reveal, I will: one of Stefan's shots. The bottom of a double-walled bowl of sorts that I think of as a coin dish.] Today was one of those overcompensation days, where I try to do a zillion things to make up for not being this busy over the holidaze. A fruitful morning blur of admin, building more custom protection for prints, getting stuck in an elevator, picking up and dropping off prints (and selling a book!), a fantastically fun and intimate and deeply satisfying printmaking class, rushing to meet a new book/paper friend, noodles and pancakes and a lovely film about retired musicians, and the usual dash to catch the train home.

The scales are tipping back into a more comfortable balance. Next week I'll have dry prints to show, which hopefully will tickle you as much as they did me. What I constantly take for granted in these classes is the paper part of the equation: I do this to test my own papers, as uneven as they may be. I thought I was going to buy some Arches but it was TOO FUN to play with Cleveland hanji the whole time, and I had lots of fun with colors and chine colle. I may even be brave enough next week to print onto shifu. Thank goodness for last year's bin organization, so that I know where the copper plates are. The work reminds me why I put up with all the other crap.

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Velma Bolyard said...

holidaze are exactly that. hope the printmaking continues to nourish you. stephan is an amazing photographer. after two days of struggling for a big enough image for susan, i am throwing in the towel. i need a stephan!