Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ecosystems of illness

When people are sick in communities from two and up, everyone is affected. So my hopes for a quiet work day, dashed. Instead, I moved furniture, did new and old projects while the sewing machine was upright, and reorganized (it's like pushing paper except I was pushing textiles and supplies and toolboxes and materials and shipping containers and all the rest). I also put these away under a newly unfolded work table after trimming the ghastly fringes: my samplers from the weekend. You can see we used two different threading patterns. The light patch in the middle next to the dark indigo are both Habu paper yarns. They were LOVELY to weave with (this was before the warp went rogue). Why did I not go and stock up during their annual sale?! I had purposely stayed away but that may have been a miscalculation in hindsight—the heart and the pocketbook at odds, again.

Update: see, I forgot because I didn't write it down: a podcast of an interview I did with Susan Mills is now live!


  1. well, you can always go back and buy at full price. it's just a little bit harder then. your first loom experience...

  2. onesmallstitch4:08 PM

    I'm with Velma - lucky you, you are close enough to go there - afraid I would spend my last nickle, but it would be so-o much fun. there seems to be quite a bit of weft faced weaving, maybe NEXT TIME try a balanced plain weave then you could print on it.


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